Massage options​ 

​ For these you will be asked to undress to your level of comfort. You will be modestly draped at all times.

Swedish - This is the common relaxation massage most people are familiar with. Promotes relaxation and relieves sore, stiff muscles.

Pregnancy - Swedish massage geared toward the mother to be. Can relieve symptom such as back pain, fatigue, edema, headaches, muscle pain.

Hot Stone - Swedish massage incorporating smooth, hot stones. Allows deeper penetration into sore, overworked muscles.​​

​For these you will remain fully or partially clothed. 


Neuromuscular Therapy -  Seeks to identify and eliminate pain or dysfunction. This is not a relaxation session. 

​Reflexology  -  Uses acupressure points to alleviate problem areas or restricted energy flow.

​For these you will remain fully clothed.

Thai Yoga -  Uses deep stretching, rhythmic compression, gentle rocking and soft tissue manipulation.

Chair - Swedish or Neuromuscular Therapy done in a special chair to alleviate your stress or discomfort,

60 minutes        $60        Hot Stone  $90

90 minutes        $90        Hot Stone $120

​120 minutes     $110     Hot Stone $150

​15 minutes        $15       Chair, Neuromuscular Therapy and Reflexology

Body Wrap options

Mud or Seaweed - The body is exfoliated, painted with mud, and wrapped in blankets while Rose Mud or Seaweed is used to soften the face. You then are moisturized        with  Body Butter. Each step is followed by hot towels.

Aromatherapy - Your body is coated with Eco-Fin,  wrapped to soak while a rose mud treatment is applied to your face, then the Eco-Fin is massaged in to hydrate your skin.

The Mermaid - From the salt scrub, to the seaweed wrap, the ocean sounds and special lighting, this is a full sensory experience to immerse you in the sea without leaving the office.

Build your own - Choose to exfoliate with: Dry Brush, Sugar Scrub, Salt Scrub, or Body Polish

​                                           Choose to wrap with: Eco-Fin, Baltic Black Mud, Dead Sea silt, Firmi-Sea Mud, or Seaweed

​                                           Choose your face treatment:  Seaweed, Dead Sea Silt, Rose Mud

​Approximately 60 minutes    $60


Sugar Foot Scrub - Soften, exfoliate, and rehydrate your feet while encouraging lymph circulation.

30 minute treatment with foot massage      $30

Added into a massage treatment                      $10 

Facial Mud -The facial mud treatment of a wrap can be added to almost any massage session.

​Added into a massage treatment                     $10​

Hot Stone  - Not ready for a full body hot stone massage? Pick an area to try them out.

​Added to a Swedish massage                             $10

Paraffin or Eco-Fin Treatment  - Treat your hands or feet to a soothing, softening treatment with almost any massage.

​Hands or feet                                                               $15

​Both hands and feet                                                 $25

Dry Brushing  -  A dry brush is used to move sluggish lymph fluid, and has the added benefit of exfoliating the skin.

​30 minute treatment                                               $30

​Added to a massage or wrap                               $10

​Use Body Butter or Eco-Fin instead of massage oil or lotion for a more hydrating experience.

​                                                                                               $5

Complimentary options

​Add a scent to your massage oil or lotion, more than 40 choices.

​Pick the music or nature soundtrack that sooths you the most, more than 20 choices.

​Gentle, hand crafted eye pillows available.

Hot packs available.

​Body cushions are available if you prefer not to lay flat.






​Spa To You

Becky Stevens, LMT

​Hours by Appointment  417-771-1594


​Members enjoy $20 off every service of 60 minutes or longer.

Services do not need to be prepaid.

There are no minimum numbers to meet, and no maximum limits.  

All monthly specials will also be discounted.

​One person, one year      $100

​Couple, one year                $175

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